Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How we spent our Saturday

I've created a monster. A cookie monster. Mallory and I have made more cookies in the last couple weeks than I have for quite some time before this. It started out as a way to keep Matt quiet - apparently I don't keep enough cookies in the house - but has now transformed into a wonderful distraction.

We even used sprinkles! Messy, but probably not nearly as messy as frosting would have been!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, some more pictures

It's about time, isn't it?

Mallory and (cousin) Tera riding the ladybug at the county fair. There were exactly two rides appropriate for these guys...the other was the big slide.
Tessa, Joshua and Mallory lazing on the couch waiting for the birthday festivities to begin.
Can you believe she's two? Please don't mind the stained t-shirt - there were popsicles involved. Makes me happy that I didn't make her a special birthday outfit!
We had a nice little picnic to celebrate. Sure beats last year when it rained and we were all stuck inside!

Getting a little Miriam fix.
I think I shared this picture before...but it's so cute you get to see it again!

The nice sunny weather we had today reminded me of the weekend we spent at the lake (that I never showed pictures of). Here's Mallory and I going for a boat ride.
My dad bought this awesome two seater monstrosity to pull behind his boat. It's nearly impossible to tip (although he has tried)...and so far no one has fallen out. The only casualty so far has been my prescription sunglasses which currently reside at the bottom of the lake. Anyway, Mallory and Joshua wanted a turn, too.

Okey-dokey, that about catches me up with the pictures that I have from the summer. I really need to get my camera out some more....