Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Saturday

I actually still have a few pictures from last Saturday to share. My friend Katie hosts a hayride at her parents' farm each fall and this was the first year that it worked for us to join in the fun. Just a little tease, though - I'll show you those pictures another day. I figured I'd try to stay on track and actually post todays Shocker, huh?

I've been pretty good about getting Mallory's pictures taken for each of the big "milestone" months. You know at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18....well the two year pictures didn't turn out so well. They never happened at all. We got to the portrait studio (okay, Wal-mart) and she would have absolutely nothing to do with sitting on their little table thing OR looking at the camera. We ended up leaving with no pictures even taken! Enter other friend Katie. She took Mallory's first two sets of pictures at her home for us, which had turned out quite nice. Her family was going camping at a nearby state park this weekend and she invited us to join them this morning and offered to try to get some pictures of Mallory that I could call her two year shots.

Mallory still wasn't terribly cooperative, but since Katie's 3 year old son, Gus, was there to play with, it went a little better. I don't have her shots to share yet (she has a much nicer camera than I), but I thought you might enjoy my quick point and shoot pictures anyway.

We were at Camden State Park for these pictures - I've actually never been there, even though it's less than 15 miles from our house. It's really pretty with a neat little river/stream that runs through the park. Here's my try at scenery.

After we were done with pictures, Mallory and Gus had some Froot Loops for breakfast/lunch (it was about 11am - Gus hadn't eaten breakfast yet, Mallory had eaten about three times already). Mallory was pretty tuckered out, and this is what I saw in the backseat.

After a nice (long) nap, we headed out to take lunch to Daddy and Grandpa in the field. They were just fininshing combining a field of soybeans and were able to take a break for a late meal. Mallory had eaten her lunch on the road, so was able to keep Daddy's seat warm.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We did make yet another batch of cookies - cereal crunch this time, mmmmm. After Mallory was in bed, I worked on something that I was hoping would be Tera's birthday present for tomorrow. However, the instructions made it look much easier than it was, so I had to scrap that idea. I did have a bit of a back-up, but we'll be making a gift-buying stop tomorrow after church. Big birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow - Tera will be four - so hopefully Mallory will be nice and rested.