Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing like ice cream in January

Woo-hoo, my camera is here! It's so wonderful, and I'm guessing will be even more so once I figure out how to work all the buttons. For now, I know that I press the silver one on top to take a picture. :) In case you're at all curious, I got a Canon Powershot SX110 IS. It's easy like a point and shoot, but does have some manual settings that I hope to try out someday.

So, in order to get the camera broken in (I hope I didn't just jinx things), I brought it along to Matt's mom and dad's this weekend for ice cream making. Yep, you read that right. It's about 10 degrees outside and two plus feet of snow on the ground, but they made ice cream. Must be a Minnesota thing.

Grandpa was in charge of the ice cream maker, but Tera and Mallory helped put the ice in the bin. Genuine Minnesota ice.

Then, we wait. And wait. Fortunately, Bambi II was able to distract most of the waiters. It's a good thing that it's actually a pretty decent movie, as we've seen it way too many times.
Finally, there is ice cream. It was a long wait for some of us.
Very delicious!
What, is there something on my face?
And finally, just to show off how well my new camera takes close-ups....

I'm so excited to have a camera again. I'm trying to remember to keep it (and charged batteries) in my purse so that I can catch more candid moments. (There's a post with cows coming up!)


Jay said...

Yay! The new camera is awesome, and I am excited to have new posts from you!

Amy said...

YAHOO for the new camera!! We made ice cream today too, only it was 85 degrees out here! (not normal, but still nice!)

jilltan said...

Yeah for a new camera and yeah for pictures!! Now keep them comin'!

tessa said...

That must've been an exciting day when that came in the mail.
Well when did Mallory learn to like ice cream? Looks good. I've never had homeade ice cream.

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