Sunday, December 16, 2007

At long last....

I might finally get some new pictures up! We've been keeping fairly busy since last time I posted. That busy-ness mostly revolves around Mallory getting brave (ie. crawling onto things she shouldn't) and ornery (ie. I think we're starting the terrible 2's early!).

I did, however, manage to snag Matt for an evening, as we went to our clinic Christmas party on Friday night. My sister Kasey came up from Holland to stay with Mallory. It sounds like she had her hands full with munchkin and Joshua! At least Mallory was asleep when we got home and stayed that way until 7:45 the next morning.

Then, Mallory and I returned the favor and went to Holland to help Kasey get ready for the open house they were hosting for their congregation today. I was in charge of frosting sugar cookies and dusting. I can manage that. :)

I had mentioned before that I'm trying to be more environmentally friendly and am starting to use cloth diapers when we're at home. It was all going great until I got a brand new batch of diapers and apparently didn't get all the residue (?) from the manufacturing process out before putting them on Mallory. So she now has a not-very-nice-looking rash "down there" and is back in disposables so that I can treat it with A&D ointment. The diapers have also had a talking-to and have gone through several more washes. I hope that helps! Poor kid - try to do something earth friendly and look what happens!

Finally got things ironed out for Christmas....I think. We'll be staying down here for Christmas at the Evans' and then to Grandma Lorraine's Christmas Day. Then my mom and dad are invading Kasey's house the following weekend and we'll join the fray! Best part is.....I pretty much have all my shopping done! A few projects to finish here and there (they're secrets!) and I should be good to go.

Okay, if you've made it this far I will now reward you with pictures of the person everybody comes to see. Speaking of - I went to church by myself today (Mallory stayed home with Matt for some "daddy-time") and no fewer than 6 (!) people asked where she was! BEFORE they said hi to me! Chopped liver, that's me. :)

Sorry, I you are:

She kept pointing into the toy box, but didn't want any of the toys I gave her. So I finally just put her in and she was happy as a clam! Weirdo.
This one is a two-fer. First, she's wearing her super-cute Christmas outfit. No, I did not make it. This is an ebay purchase. But it's still cute! :) She wore it to visit Santa last weekend. She didn't smile very well, but at least she didn't burst out in tears, either. Second, she's showing off her kitty-wrangling skills that Grandma Kathy taught her. I think the kitties would both be happier if she hadn't figured this skill out for a while!
And finally, Mallory looking all grown up in her new bathrobe. This was part of her gift from our mommy-board gift exchange. She also got some cute jammies - they're French! Well, at least French-Canadian. Our gift is headed to Canada, too....but I can't say's a secret! :)


jilltan said...

Yeah !! Pictures!! Hope you enjoyed your night out with Matt! Mallory looks so stinkin' cute in her toy bin!! Oh just to warn you Alison started the terribel 2's when she was 18 months old -- so all I can say is good luck!!! ;)

SarahRachel said...

I'm so glad you got a night out!! And jealous! ;-) Did you take any pics? We never get any of ourselves. Those pics of Mallory are adorable!! She's getting so big! I love how she's holding her cat. Oh, and it's the exact same way for me...if I go ANYWHERE with out Jackson, people get MAD. =) I hope ya'll have a VERY Merry Christmas! =)

tessa said...

First of all I have to say...POOR DANIEL! Ok, now I have to say I have been waiting and waiting and finally there's more Mallory! Her little cute Christmas outfit makes her look like a little elf. You should've gotten some elf ears too! That would've been great!
Oh and how nice of you and your fellow sister to help each other out. Aaaawwwhhhh (did you do pick things up when you dusted? Hee HEE! :o)

Jay said...

Awe, that bathrobe is soooooooo cute! It really does make her look grown up.

Ariel likes to sit in any sort of empty bin she can find these days too. Strange isn't it?!

BePe Baby said...

Very cute pics!! That poor poor kitty LOL!

Amy said...

HOORAY for pics!! I can't believe how fast these babies are growing! Sheesh- I love the pic of Mallory with the kitty- what a good little sport :)