Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Yay!! Santa made it to Mallory's day care today. I was able to leave my camera with Jojo, so I have some pictures to share with you. Wasn't that thoughtful? I think the best part of these pictures is that Mallory wasn't scared of Santa at all - she looks so comfy! Which is strange, as she wasn't too sure about him when he was at the grocery store for pictures.

It's a dolly! Mallory is in love. I guess she carried it around all day (had to keep it away from her nemesis "S"!) - and also took it to Wal-mart and McDonald's tonight. Then, we came home and dolly got her diaper changed and played with her rattle....see?

Tomorrow is a big day for Mallory and I. We have treats to make, gifts to finish, gifts to wrap, a house to clean, babies to bathe....somehow the list keeps getting longer!


Grandma Kathy said...

Are you sure this child is yours, Brenda? A dolly-lover?????

Jay said...

Awe, that was really nice of them to do that. Maybe she wasn't scared since this was a familiar place to be? Or maybe she knew she was gonna get a treat? Hehe. I love her caring for her doll, too sweet!

Happy cleaning, baking and bathing!

tessa said...

Let me count the weird things..
She Looks like you now?
Likes Santa?
Aand the worst of all (HEE HEE jk) Li i i i k k es "babies" Aaaaaaahhkk
jk It is pretty cute. And now maybe you feel alittle better that something thinks she looks like you.

jilltan said...

How cute!! She is precious with her doll!