Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy (late) Halloween

Rather than dwell on election results - and we've all had enough of that, haven't we - I thought I'd play a little catch up again. Much less likely to provoke angry debates and much, much cuter!

Our "celebration" started the Sunday before Halloween with a pumpkin carving party at our friend Katie's house. (Yes, this is the same Katie that took Mallory's pictures in the park.) It was actually supposed to be a "work" party for the employees at the pharmacy I used to work at, but since they apparently still love me, we were invited. Well, it actually helps that my mother-in-law still works there....

Anyway, Mallory wasn't terribly gung-ho on digging out pumpkin guts, but she did help a little. She also told me that our pumpkin had to be happy, not crabby.

Halloween night itself was lots of fun. Both Grandma and Billie had to work late, so Mallory and I picked Tera up from daycare and the three of us went in search of tricks and treats. The little (and I mean that "little") mall in town held a trick-or-treat event for the kids in the late afternoon, so we hit that first. Mallory in full kangaroo regalia (black nose courtesy of Jojo) and Tera as a sheep.

We then headed out to visit Paula at work and grab a bite of real food for supper. Well, if pizza counts as "real" supper. Can you guess what Paula was dressed up as?

As luck would have it, Jojo was working too, so Mallory needed another picture.

After our "real" supper, we headed out and made a round around the new section of town. It was absolutely gorgeous outside and perfect weather for trick-or-treating. By the time we made our loop, it was getting dark (thank you daylight savings time!), so we headed to Grandma's house to show off the costumes and drop off Tera.

We also made a quick trip to great-grandma's house. Angie and Damien, Billie and Tera, and Mallory and I converged on her home. Unfortunately, she had already run out of treats, so we were given apples instead. Or, maybe that was a good thing -they were really yummy!

Finally, we made it home and Mallory crashed. I can't say I blame her, it was almost two hours past her bedtime and even I was tuckered out.

Oh, and Paula was construction Barbie.


G'ma Hanson said...

Oh, isn't she just the cutest kangaroo ever?!

Amy said...

She looks so cute!!! and so does your blog! Now that you made it so cute, you will have to post more (wink, wink)

Jay said...

Aw, such a cute costume!!!! Love construction Barbie, haha, nice! Yes, I second that Amy, more posts!

tessa said...

Aaawwwhhhh I love Kangaroo Mallory!! hee hee she looks so old especially in that first picture at the mall by Tera, wow totally looks like a little girl. And I'm glad you added that last picture of the side view of the Kangaroo very nice! haha I love the pictures they made my day brighter and gave me smiles!!!! OH and even if she didn't get into digging out pumpkin guts it sure does look like she had alot of un with the pumpkin. And you know usually its the hardest part to decide what you want to make on the pumpkin and she made that decision. Oh and when she gets older it'll be more fun* to touch the icky squishy guts..hee hee
thanks for pictures. Cant wait for more.

tessa said...

oh and what a good girl to get you every pumpkin seed!! Did you get to take home your pumpkins seeds???? I hope so, I didn't get any this year. Sad...

Anna said...

Goodness she looks grown up!!! Adorable!

one of your sisters said...

Ok, so I realize I dont use my blog very often, but did you really have to delete me from your list..?

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