Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here you go, Tessa

First of all, I need to admit, I'm a terrible blogger. There. It's out. Not like you didn't know this anyway, right? Anyway, my sister emailed me to oh-so-politely ask me to get my butt in gear and update with some pics. I've been pretty bad at getting pictures, and it's only going to get worse. Mallory was so excited to show her grandpa and daddy the last picture we took, that she dropped the camera and broke the telephoto lens. *sigh* Guess what's on my Christmas list?

Here's the picture that caused all the excitement. Funny, she was way more excited about the idea of Santa (and showing off the picture afterwards) than she was here!


G'ma Hanson said...

Poor Mallory...that scarey old Santa. Hmmmm reminds me of one of my little girls....let's see now, was it Kasey or Tessa......?

But her pick shoes are very pretty.
And look how long her legs are getting!

Amy said...

aww, Santa's not so bad right? We haven't gotten brave enough yet to take Boston- maybe next year??

tessa said...

OH my goodness poor poor Mallory, what did Santa do to her? (jk)
Hey now, I believe I stated I had the problem (in my email) and if someone could help. So I should say thank you for helping :o)
but yes thank you for getting a picture up it was fun to look at something.
Well I guess you might not be able to let miss mallory play with your camera as much...
hhhhhmmm thats one thing on your Christmas list...any more ideas..

tessa said...

I was going to say something about how big she is getting especially with the length of her legs, I see Mom noticed that too.

Stroller said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! She is so big.. Logan is a monster now LOL. She loves santa as much as mine do.

Brenda who did your blog?? I love it! The design is great!!

Jay said...

Wow, someone did some growing overnight! Glad to see a new post, and sorry to hear about the camera... :(

jilltan said...

Awwwwww!!! I hope Santa brings you a new camera because we have missed seeing M grow!

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