Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little dancer girl

A week later than planned, but dance class has begun! Mallory wasn't so sure about it, though. She got dressed happily enough, but during the car ride there she kept telling me she wanted to go home, not to dance class. Fortunately, once we got there, she was okay and joined the group with no problems. It was a nice little class for two and three year olds. I'm guessing Mallory was one of the youngest there and it did show a couple of times, but overall she did great.

Here she is with her new little friend, Amelia. Amelia's mom is also a veterinarian - we work together one day a week. Don't you love their little matching tutus?
Making the circle "really, really small."
Banging on "drums" - I can't believe how well these kids listened! They actually all waited to start playing until the teacher (Miss Erin) had given everyone a drum and told them how to beat on them. They played loud and soft, fast and slow.
I think they were supposed to be touching their toes with their "bumpers" in the air. That didn't work quite as well as the drums. Or maybe they were jumping like frogs, I can't remember for sure. The frogs would explain the picture better....
And here's a nice big circle.
Of course, a half hour of dance class isn't terribly tiring for little kids. So we hung out at the school for a little while afterwards to let them burn off some steam. The little boy in red is Austin, another co-worker's son.

Happily, the school had a nice long cafeteria for the kids to run up and down. Mallory and Amelia spent most of the time holding hands...and clothes-lining poor Austin when he ran between them.

After twenty minutes of running, Mallory was ready to head out. She was pretty disappointed when I told her we were heading home and not going to dance class again. I guess that means she had fun. Unfortunately, it sounds like Miss Erin would prefer no parents in the room for the rest of the more cute pictures. Guess we'll have to wait for the recital in two months.


Jay said...

YAY for dance class! Love the tutu, Ariel loves a good tutu, something that transforms little girls into magical princesses. Hee.

Also congrats on the potty training. I know I was freaking out for awhile too. Now if she could just get #2 mastered, then we be set. Haha

Glad to have you back in blogland!

Amy said...

look at you posting again so soon!!! What a little cutie you have- those tutus are to die for!!

Kristen said...

Mallory looks adorable!!! Looking forward to the recital pics :)

tessa said...

OH CUTE! I'm glad you got to at least take these pictures!!! Yeah, I agree I would have never thought kids that young would listen and be so organized together. I'm glad your coworker/friend asked you to go! It really looks like Mallory did have fun. You're going to have to keep having her try new things/activities..everything she tries she enjoys. I can see why the teacher doesn't want parents in during "practice/class" then it'll be so much more cute and a suprising what she will be doing!!

Holly said...

Those photos are adorable! I love the matching tutus! :)

Jill Brochard said...

So is just precious!! I wish we had a dance class like that around here! I have the tutu, got the little dance, but no class :(

G'ma Hanson said...

I think the first picture (Mallory & Amelia) looks as though Mallory is demonstrating one of the ballet positions to Amelia....don't you think?

The other think I noticed is the way Mallory stands somtimes. She has an older "air" about her. The 3 of them looking over the wall at the school is cute. But, I think the pic of the 2 girls running together in the cafeteria is great. She makes new friends so easily. I hope that continues in life.
However, I don't know about "clothelining" other kids! Must have been funny though!

Can't wait for the next ones...keep them coming!

G'ma H said...

I just read my post...gotta proofread before I hit "publish"!

infertilityrocks said...

Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter? I knew I missed something with having a boy! Also, congrats on the potty training! We did pt boot camp around Christmas, and I've been so lucky to have a boy who acutally took to it quickly. He's in big boy undies all the time...and it's SOOO nice on the budget!

Nice to 'see' you again!


Paula said...

aww.. cute! i like the tutu :)

Anonymous said...

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Steve Brown said...

The last pic of the girls is superb. Lighting totally works for me. Good stuff.