Friday, March 20, 2009

New spring coats

Just in time for spring. (Happy spring, everyone!) I got ambitious this year and decided Mallory needed a couple new coats. Okay, maybe not "needed". In fact, her little corduroy coat from last fall still fits perfectly fine. But I wanted to make them. Good enough for me!

This first one ended up a little bit big. The pattern is out of a European magazine called Ottobre that I discovered thanks to my new friends at Sewingmamas. I decided that since I was going to put that much work into something, she better be able to wear it for a while, so I went with about a size and a half bigger than what she wears now. There's definitely some growing room. This is going to be her "special" coat for church and things like that. No playing in the mud in this thing!

This one fits a bit better. This pattern is from My Favorite Things and is called, aptly, The Little Hooded Jacket. The outside is a laminated cotton fabric, so it's waterproof, and the lining is a jersey knit to keep it a bit warmer. I adore this jacket! It was my first separating jacket zipper and first time using piping. I wish I had one in my size!

Now, I just need to decide what to sew next. No worries...I have plenty of ideas! :)


G[ma Hanson said...

Wow Brenda! Wherever did you learn to sew like that???!!!
The jackets are beautiful.....

Of course, Mallory is a beautiful model, too.

Jay said...

Cute coats! Very nice work girl!

Kristen said...

Very impressive Brenda! You are so crafty! VERY cute!

tessa said...

Wow, I felt like I was watching/listening to a fashion show... the description of "who" she was wearing and what it is made of.. hee hee
I really like them both and of course the second one is more tessaish, I agree it would be cool to have one in our sizes.
The first one very fashiony/trendy! So I usually try to keep the pictures hidden while I'm reading the story about them..So I have to admit when I scrolled down to see the picture of the "special" coat I laughed a tiny bit, but only because of her ability to be able to wear it for a couple more years. I think its mainly becasue you can't see her hands or something..hee hee ..sorry, I really do think it is VERY cute and can hardly believe you made it but then I've been witness your other creations, like the cord. winter jacket.
Anyway Very Nice, good job!!
As always, Thanks for sharing Ms. Mallory.
I sure do hope she continues to like camera time as she grows up :)

Jill Brochard said...

Wow -- so talented -- I can barely sew a button and you are making coats!! I love the second one!!

SarahRachel said...

Those jackets are gorgeous!! You're so talented! I'm wicked jealous! I've missed reading your updates. Hopefully I'll be back in the blogging world now! =) Mallory is such a little lady now- she's so pretty!!!

Anna said...

Wow! That's completely impressive! Great work!

BePe Baby said...

What a nice job!! You have been busy momma!

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