Friday, April 11, 2008


Okey dokey. Let's see if I can get some more pictures uploaded for you all to see. Our internet went wonky for a few hours this afternoon...I wonder if the 8+ inches of rain and snow had anything to do with that. Hmmmm....

I guess I had one more cute one from Great-grandma Lorraine's house. This is Mallory and Nick playing either peek-a-boo or chase around the rocking chair. I was there and I'm still not sure exactly what they were doing.

Fast forward one week....Kasey, Joshua and Miriam came up to visit last Saturday. It was such a nice day. Mallory and I were outside for a while in the morning before our company came. Then, her and Joshua played inside until lunchtime. The ducky game that I found at a rummage sale is a hit - at least with the kids. Somehow, I don't think Kasey would be real impressed if I packaged it up and sent it her way. The silly thing quacks incessanty!

After lunchtime, it was back outside to try to wear everybody out for naptime. Mallory found the makeshift flag that we used to mark her sandbox under the snow and proceeded to lead Joshua on an exploration.

Hey kids....come back! It's time to swing!

I had to include this picture to prove that Matt does know how to play with little kids. Look how high he has her in that swing! And she loved it...she laughed and giggled the whole time. But, she was kind enough to let Joshua have a turn. Although, after about two minutes that did lead back to her and that darn milestone again. You know, the one that involves screaming.

That concluded most of our fun that day. We headed into the house and everybody napped. Well, Mallory, Joshua and I did. I'm not sure what Kasey and Miriam did.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

well that looks like a fun day! especially the part with playing outside without any jackets, yeah. once again you guys tend to coordinate clothes when they have play dates, Mallory-pink Joshua-blue. Last time (easter eggs) they both had character sweatshirts on. You know its probably a Really Good thing that Mallory has her personality and Joshua has his. Mallory outgoing incharge ..on & on. Joshua calm following..ok you know. This way they will have adventerous fun together as everyone knows 2 of Mallorys would just collide and 2 of Joshuas would be too quiet. AAaaww they compliment(sp) eachother, now the only thing wrong is that they are related. HEE HEEE
your sister - TESSA :)

Amy said...

I love how you guys have so much open space to let the kids roam around and play!! Although I wouldn't like the cold! :)