Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A little bit of everything

Finally I think I'll be able to get some pictures posted. I've been trying for a couple days - honest! Hopefully tonight's the night - although, I might get distracted, as I'm watching The Biggest Loser while I'm posting this.
Let's see...where to start? I think I have some pictures left over from Easter. These were from Easter dinner at Great-grandma Lorraine's house (Matt's grandma).

This is arriving at Great-grandma's - Mallory in her new spring dress (although not her Easter dress, since that one came off at naptime) that was perfect for playing along with dolly and her blanky. I had made that blanket last summer, but this is the only time that she has ever played with it.

Renewing some friendships and playing games. The two boys are Matt's cousins, Nick and Ben. They were super nice to Mallory and played all sorts of fun games and helped her find her Easter basket. Nice kids.
She also made some new friends. This is Matt's cousin Danna's little boy, Joey. He's about a year younger than Mallory, but she had fun playing with him. Too bad he was still recovering from an ear infection...he was a bit clingy and cranky. That's not a fun way to spend Easter.

Then we tried to get a nice family picture. Some turned out better than others.....by the way, I have no idea what happened to my font. I can't find my "Arial" right now. ???

Okay, that's it for Easter pictures. I'm going to post this before something crazy happens and I lose all my hard work (and time spent waiting for pictures to upload!). More to come....maybe tonight, maybe not. :)


Jay said...

What nice family pictures! You guys are so cute. Mallory looks so 'springy' in that sweet dress. :)

tessa said...

Yes, even though I am not a dress person, I agree that spring dress is really CUTE. If it was just a shirt in my size I would buy it. Waiting for the "more to come..."

Amy said...

I love that girls blue eyes!! Sheesh, I wear contacts to make my eyes as pretty as Mallory's! Thanks for the pics, we have missed them!!

tessa said...

is Mallory's little clippy a dragonfly/butterfly??? it is cute.

jilltan said...

I love her Easter outfit -- too cute!! And it is nice to see you in the pixs for once!