Friday, January 25, 2008

Anyone want.... overtired 17-month old that won't nap? No takers??? Hmmm....go figure.

Anyway, while I sit here listening to her cry and HOPING she'll fall asleep, I thought I'd finally get around to posting the pictures of my "custom" (thanks Jay!) Valentine's Day jeans.

Note to self...when doing applique for the first time rounded letters are NOT the way to go! Oh well, live and learn. Don't look too closely at the stitiching, 'kay?

This is the back. I'm kind of bummed there weren't back pockets....I had a cute idea for that.

And the front. Yikes, looks like I forgot to clip a thread. Please don't judge me.

Score: overtired 17 month old: 1 Mommy: 0


Amy said...

Holy crap Brenda! Those are so dang cute!! I wish I had a girl right now! I love the bottoms of them- so boutique looking!

Amy said...

oh and BTW, I bag-tagged you! Check out my blog to get all the info!

tessa said...

they are very cute. Yeea, oh and to let you know I didn't look very closely at the stiching because I didn't really know where to look and if I did do you think I would be able to do any better...I think we know the answer to that.

jilltan said...

Those are freakin' adorable!!! I love them! I so wish I knew how to sew like that!
P.S. Could you send me the link with the baby leg pattern?? I want to see if my MIL can make some for me ;)