Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She's growing up too fast!

I know everyone says that babies grow too fast, but I have proof! When I picked Mallory up from daycare today, Jojo said that Mallory peed in the potty chair twice today. She went the first time in the morning when all the kids had their morning potty break. Then, she woke up from her nap with a dry diaper, so Jojo asked if she needed to go potty. Off she runs into the bathroom, and goes again! Jo assured me that she's not pushing her to be trained, but Mallory really likes to sit on the potty like the big kids, so she takes off her diaper to see if she'll use the potty.

She went twice in the potty this evening, too. The first time after we got to Grandma Deb's from town, then again before we came home. I don't think I'm ready for this. Do they make panties for 18 month olds?

Again, we're totally not pushing her to be trained yet, but I agree - if she wants to sit on the potty, she might as well have the chance to use it. I really like that that is Jo's philosophy, too.


Jay said...

Panties start I think at size 2, but they look like they could fit an 18 month old!

Thats fantastic, I was planning on getting a potty chair for Ariel's half birthday on February 14, lol, not a nice valentines present is it, eh?

Amy said...

YAY for the potty! She is such a big girl!! What are you going to use all your diaper $$ on now???

The Harvala's said...

I can answer that diaper $$ question... Brenda will happily use it for more sewing projects! Well Bren, I'm not sure, but I would guess potty training a little girl would be easier than a little boy. It would be just fine if Joshua waits until his sibling is at least a few months old anyway... that is if baby ever comes!

Kristie said...

OMG! Lucky duck. We may have to go purchase a potty chair soon. I soooo want to try now. ;)

tessa said...

I'm still in schock..I can't believe it yet. It's too weird she's still supposed to be a baby. Oooooo but how fun will it be to pick out little cute you think they make non-princess undies for girls?
Oh kasey I think you probably have a little wait to go yet, just my thoughts. YOu know Brenda mallory needs to stop hanging out with all the "BIG" kids they are way to old for her to be around. Seems like all they do for her is make her much older for her age.. ;o)