Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it Valentine's Day yet?

I really want to share a picture of the Valentine's jeans that I made for Mallory! Well, I didn't actually make the jeans, I just made them prettier. I haven't had munchkin model them yet...hopefully Wednesday. I wonder how many times I can have her wear them before it's just weird.

Mallory's got another cold. I never knew a little kid could make that much snot! Seriously. Unfortunately, this one came with a bit of a fever. So she's all drugged up for the night, and hopefully will sleep well.

She's got a couple new wods, too. She's figured out "hot" and uses it if the water is too warm when washing her hands, when I open the oven, and when she has hot food. I'm trying to teach her to blow on her food....that's pretty funny. She's also started saying "ow". I'm not sure that she uses that one exactly in context. Tonight, she was sitting with Matt, who kept rubbing her head. She'd say "ow" every time! Goofball.

Now my exciting news.....we may be having an addition in our house. A dishwasher! (One without two arms and hands...) It's mostly just a matter of figuring out how it's going to fit and get rigged up in our kitchen. I can't wait!


Amy said...

A dishwasher! Here I thought you were going to tell us you were having another baby! Oh well, CONGRATS on the newest addition to your house! :)
Can't wait to see Mal's new heart day jeans!

SarahRachel said...

I'm with Amy, I was like...Wait, what!?! But a dishwasher IS an awesome addition. And much more helpful than a new baby! ;-) We didn't have one in our first townhouse and when we moved into our next townhouse, I LIKED doing dishes for awhile because I loved the dishwasher so. I'm excited to see the new jeans too! I haven't made Jackson any Valentine's jeans...such a slacker. ;-) That's so cute about Mallory saying "ow". Jackson loves the words "hot" He says it when I turn the oven on, drink coffee, turn on the heater, etc. Our babies are so grown up!

Brenda said...

Aww, you girls know I would share on SK first! ;)

The Harvala's said...

Well I hope your blog wouldn't be the way I find out about a new baby coming!

Jay said...

Ooh, dishwashers are awesome! Congrats! We only have a countertop one, so the idea of a full one is very cool!

Can't wait to see the jeans! Basically what you have created would be called a 'custom' and you should see how well they sell on ebay.

tessa said...

Since Mallory has clothing for every holiday of the year so far, have we started on making/buying something for St. Patricks day? heeehee But seriously, now you have me guessing how you made her jeans pretty!
Poor Poor Mallory, I think everyother time I hear about her it's about being sick..probably not every other,but maybe every third. But think of it like this at least like you were saying earlier being sick doesn't totally put her out, like it does to you and the rest of us.
Aaaaaand. that is so cute about her 'new' words. She'll have to learn more and more so when the baby(KASEY'S baby) comes she can talk to it. 80)

jilltan said...

Woohoo for the dishwasher!! I hate doing dishes and when we got a dishwasher when we moved into our house -- it was like a godsent!
I can't wait to see the jeans!! I'm sure they will be as adorable as all the other things you make!!