Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've gone international

...even more international, that is. (Thanks Jay and Jill!) If you happen to sneak a peak at my world map counter on the top right of the blog, you'll see I have more dots than ever. How exciting! Now, you new readers....please check in and leave a comment...inquiring minds (my dad) are dying to know where you are and how you found this. Okay, and I'm pretty curious, too.

On a side note, it is really amazing what kind of neat blogs you can find just by following the links on blogs you know. For example, I followed the link "Amazing Trips" on my friend Jay's blog. What an amazing (no pun intended) family. I'm floored by this woman's honesty and sense of humor. I love sneak peeks into other people's lives. Makes my day just a little more interesting - not that having a 17-month old working on getting her molars (for the last 2 months!)isn't interesting enough.


Jay said...

Woot, go Canada! Haha. Yeah, that gal on Amazing Trips has me laughing out loud. Yes, the world of blogs is a fun one. :)

The Harvala's said...

I thought you were going to say you are selling your goods internationally now.

tessa said...

lol to kasey that is exactly what I thought. But you do have ALOT of red dots...miss hollywood. 8o)