Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doing better today

Mallory's getting back to her old self, slowly. Besides being a little cranky and clingy, she's been playing and eating well all day. Thank goodness.

Her temperature did spike again last night about 11:00 to over 105, but ibuprofen and cool compresses brought it down pretty well. She fell asleep for the night about midnight. I, however, was up every couple hours to check on her. Made for one tired momma this morning!

Today her temps been hanging out around 100 degrees. She got a couple doses of tylenol, and to play it safe, some ibuprofen before bedtime. I can definitely tell she's not 100% yet, though, because she needed to rock-a-bye for bed, and it took over half an hour before she was out enough to be laid down. Poor kid.

I didn't end up taking her in to the doctor this morning, since she was acting so much better. But, I think if even a low-grade fever is around in the morning, I'll try to get her in to make sure she doesn't need antibiotics before we face this weekend.

This does ruin our sleepover plans at Aunt Kasey's though. I'd feel absolutely horrible if either Joshua or Miriam got whatever Mallory has, so I think we'd better steer clear. I guess this stack of baby stuff in my livingroom will just have to stay there another week or so....

Thanks for checking on my munchkin! Hope you're all having a lovely, romantic Valentine's Day!


jilltan said...

Hopefully that fever will go away! (((((hugs))))

Amy said...

What a crummy few days for you guys! I hope she back to her spunky self soon!!

Jay said...

Poor little girl. Being sick is no fun. I hope she is better by tomorrow!