Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The sickies have invaded our house

Poor Mallory woke up with a fever this morning. It also looked like she had thrown up overnight, but it didn't wake me, so she must have gone right back to sleep. She's been out of sorts all day. It's about 2:00pm right now, and she's been awake for a total of about 3 hours today. As most of you know...that is very unusual for my munchkin. Two doses of acetaminophen so far today are keeping the fever in the 100 degree range. Fortunately, no more vomiting, though. I hope it's just a 24-hour thing, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day and she needs to wear her pretty jeans!

Assuming she's feeling better, we've been invited to a sleepover at Aunt Kasey's this Friday night. Uncle Adam will be gone, so she's asked for some help. This is a good thing as I have a pile of things for baby Miriam sitting in my livingroom that I will remember to take with me this time! Hopefully, we'll be able to share some more pictures after our fun!

Oh, and my new dishwasher has arrived! I'm reading the instructions right now (yes, I actually do this...and Matt did too!) and hope to try it out this afternoon. It's a portable model, since we don't have anywhere to install an undercounter type. I'm pretty excited and will let you all know how awesome it is!

Happy birthday to Paula! There's going to be cake at Grandma Deb's house tonight to celebrate. I hope we can make it....and I hope I can get into town to get a gift!

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