Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another week gone....

I'm racking my brain to try to remember if we did anything exciting this week. Apparently not, huh? Well, I did do a pretty cool surgery on Tuesday involving removing part of a dog's foot...but out of respect for my father and his "sensitive" disposition...:) I'll refrain from going into details.

My other exciting news involves my new toy....I ordered myself a serger sewing machine! Yippee!! After all the compliments Mallory received from wearing her Halloween outfit, I went pattern hunting. I have LOTS of super cute patterns and ideas for more clothes - 'cuz everyone knows she needs more! If anyone has any helpful hints regarding learning to use my serger, send 'em my way!

Oh, and I have a bunch more pictures to share. The first is for Tessa - here's Mallory wearing her birthday outfit from you. Sorry the picture isn't better, but you know how well she likes to pose. :)

This is Mallory thinking she's a big girl and needs a whole piece of pizza! She did share it with her puppy, though, so that was nice. By the way, how does one get pizza sauce out of puppy fur?

Ooh, these come in my size, too!

Darn paparazzi!

My mom and dad are going to be visiting this weekend. In preparation for the holiday weekend, my housecleaning goal is one room per day. This afternoon I tackled the kitchen. Mallory didn't cooperate with a nap, so she spent the time keeping the kitties occupied.

I guess kitties really do like goldfish....especially cheddar cheese flavored ones!


G'ma Kathy said...

I see by the many pictures that the camera battery theory has been proven! Too bad your are past the Science Fair time of life!

Anyway, Mallory is such a silly girl!

jilltan said...

Mallory has the cutest smile!! Love the the picture of her in the carrier!

Jay said...

Love the pizza picture! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO Ariel too!!!!

As for cleaning the puppy, baby wipes work really well I find on Ariel's stuffed toys. :)

BePe Baby said...

Very Cute! Logan loves pizza and our dog crate :)
And for the cleaning I did a major clean today.. Two more rooms to dust and some laundry and I am ready to have a new baby :)

tessa said...

What a cute outfit, I Really do like the pants though. And I do notice the Comfy pants look good too! :) Yeah!!! Well I think it looks like Kitties are geting the kitchen floor for you, YES! one less thing to clean! Heehee. Well good thing mommy got a bigger carrier. The one with her in it makes her look Ssooo old! That was my first thought, scary no more baby miss-Mallory. She sure does have personality :)

Anna said...

That is too funny! Isn't it so sweet to see their little personalities blooming?