Friday, November 30, 2007

Queen of procrastination

Yep, that's my official title for the evening. I have a craft fair starting tomorrow at the local mall and probably should be working on a few more things. However, we are in a winter storm warning for all day tomorrow, so even if we're actually there all day, I HIGHLY doubt it'll be very busy. So, therefore, I thought I'd treat you all to a few new Mallory pictures. Hmmm....working with hot glue and burning my fingers or sharing cute pictures of my little girl....quite the decision. :)

To start....all the way back to Thanksgiving. This is the clippie I made for her to wear for turkey day. It was a little on the big side, so I had to attach it to a headband, but the overall effect was there.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Matt's parents' house with his family. Mallory's cousin Damien was there as well so Mallory finally got to be bigger than somebody and was able to get in her share of bullying. Actually, she didn't bully so much as just not want to share her toys. But, honestly, in this picture, she's not about to smack him...she liked to rub his head!

My parents came down for the long after-Thanksgiving weekend. No early shopping for them...although, I think they could have made the 4am Kohl's opening if they'd have tried.

We did our best to keep Grandpa Don from going stir crazy - found him all sorts of odd jobs. Including "official poopy diaper detector"...better ask him about that! :) He also played handyman and installed safety latches on some of the cupboard doors. Mallory was his oh-so-helpful assistant.

And this was my excitement for the weekend. TA DA! You have to look pretty closely, but yes that is really, truly a PONYTAIL!!!! Hooray! It might be a while before we can show off in public, because that little thing sure isn't going to survive a winter hat!

And I'll leave you with one last picture. Mallory can't have all the glory, so here are Chloe and Daniel posing so pretty. Too bad Mallory can't get the hang modeling or I'd have some even cuter pictures! *sigh*


Jay said...

Cute turkey headband!

jilltan said...

Man Brenda you are really crafty and talented!! Adorable turkey headband!!

SarahRachel said...

I looove that headband/clip! SO adorable! =)