Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Christmas list

Well, Mallory's and mine, anyway. I really don't have any ideas for Matt, so if you have his name, you're as outta luck as I am!

For Mallory: Apparently she's into idea where she got THAT from. I think Santa will be bringing her one, but also on her list is a doll stroller, high chair/booster chair, and feeding things (bottle, spoons, etc). New diapers - we're trying the cloth diaper thing while not in daycare. She JUST fits into a medium Fuzzi Bunz, so we're in need of larges. So far, I like the Fuzzi Bunz, but Happy Heinies or other all-in-one or pocket diapers are okay, too. Ummm....yeah, that's all I've got. She'll obviously be perfectly happy with anything, but we do have quite the stash of toys, books and clothes. Although, if buying clothes, please be sure to buy at least 24 mo size - unless it's meant to be worn right now.

For me: I'd like the new Taste of Home Baking book (the blue 3-ring binder), and since my new vehicle doesn't have seat warmers, I'd love a seat cusion or seat cover. I saw some really nice ones at Wally-world that don't actually go over the entire seat, so they don't have to be fitted as perfectly - more of a cusion that has elastic loops. And a matching steering wheel cover. Gift cards are always good, and I'm perfectly okay receiving cloth dipes for Mallory. :)

Now, those of you to whom we will be giving gifts...we need ideas!

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The Harvala's said...

Fuzzi Bunz huh? I was actually checking those out a while ago (month or two). Kinda dropped the idea because of the extra things to buy, more laundry and kinda an investment in the beginning until you have however many you'd like... but those landfills!