Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bruiser....deja vu

Yep, she did again. This time, going down the little indoor slide at daycare - the girl is fearless! Got going too fast, face planted into the carpet and got up laughing, according to Jojo. Fortunately, the owie isn't too bad, just a little spot of rugburn under her eye. I didn't get a picture, as she fell asleep on the way home from town and went right to bed. Yay!

We took a quick trip into town to drop some stuff off at Grandma Deb's work and then Grandma took us out to supper at BK. Billie and Tera came too, but they were a little late - crazy Marshall drivers! Mallory made such a mess of herself with her applesauce that I took her shirt off and she just wore her sweatshirt home - and to bed. She did wake up just a little bit ago long enough to get jammies on and have a little sip of water.

Jojo also told me yesterday that she thought that I'm going to have my hands full with Mallory.... There's a little girl at daycare that is a little, shall we say "aggressive" toward Mallory sometimes. Apparently on Wednesday, she pushed Mallory during storytime. Mallory got up, walked over to her and smacked her! So of course, Jojo told her to be nice. Then, she looked at Jojo, grabbed a handful of the little girl's hair and pulled! Again, she was told not to pull hair and to be nice. After which, she gave a sweet angelic smile. Good grief! Jojo said she didn't laugh out loud, but that the little girl kind of deserved it. :)

That's it for updates tonight. Sorry there aren't any pictures, I'll have to remedy that this weekend. I went a little crazy shopping for tights for Mallory - she wore some today, Kasey - and they are SUPER cute!


tessa said...

That IS REALLY funny!!! I couldn't ask for a better niece!!

SarahRachel said...

Ha ha...I read that aloud to my husband and he laughed, too. It sounds like the other little girl was asking for it! ;-)