Monday, October 29, 2007

I hate teeth.

Or more specifically....teething. Poor Mallory has just been out of sorts the last couple days. Low fever on Sunday, not napping well, get the idea. Last night (Sunday night) was AWFUL! She was up every hour from 7pm to 3am - all she wanted was to snuggle and rock. (Which, if you know Mallory at all, you know can only mean she's not feeling well!) Needless to say, Mommy was NOT looking pretty this morning.

The misery continued today. I guess daycare went okay, mostly because she was distracted by the other kids. But naps still didn't go well, she threw up once, and was not happy when we got home. I finally pried her mouth open enough to get some Orajel on her poor little gums and find the pointy little bugger causing all the trouble - upper right molar. The Orajel seemed to do the trick through supper and most of "school", but we did end up leaving class early.

Now, I just came up from putting her back to sleep. It was a process and involved tears from both parties. It's just so awful to know she's hurting and that I've done all I can to help - poor kid's hopped up on ibuprofen, tylenol, "natural" teething tablets, AND anbesol (and yes, I did speak with my health care professional - thanks Sandy!) I finally gave her a sippy cup of cold milk, which seemed to help. And now I'm off to dig up a teether to stick in the fridge for tomorrow....and hopefully get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. Wish us luck! :)


Jay said...

Good luck! We are on this same boat with Ariel's molars. Cold milk is a hit! She wants it all the time, but we can't over do it since she is a bit sensitive to it. I hate molars. Blah!

tessa said...

How sad :'(
I hope them things come through Soon. Poor Mallory, it's always something with her.
I hope mommy feels better too!!

The Harvala's said...

Hope you feel better soon Mallory! We missed you tonight.
cousin Joshua

SarahRachel said...

Oh, that sounds miserable! =( Not looking forward to that. I hope the teeth come through and leave poor Mallory alone.