Wednesday, October 24, 2007


spaghellelos! Or something like that. :)

It's Mallory's new word for the day. Apparently she copied Jojo today at daycare when something was dropped during lunch. Then, during our semi-emergency trip to the grocery store for milk (because someone left the gallon of milk out all day - not naming names, but it starts with D and ends in -addy!) she was repeating it up and down the aisles. There was even a nice old lady that was impressed that she was saying such a hard word! So, we made our way over to the pharmacy to show off for some friends....and WHAMMO....she went from out-going Mallory to shy Mallory. No luck.

Then, as we got back into the truck it was more "uh-oh spaghellelos". So, Mommy got all excited and called Grandpa and Grandma Hanson to let them hear. Nope - zip the lip again! Lil' turkey. I had really hoped to get it on video, but no luck tonight. Stay tuned. :)

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tessa said...

That so cool! I'm with the old lady, pretty impressed that for not really talking she is saying "spaghellelos" !! Very nice. And yes Grandma was disappointed that Mallory doesn't do Aaaaannything for her..maybe next time ;)
Can't wait to see what she sounds like when I come down to visit.