Saturday, October 13, 2007

What an exciting day!

So much super exciting stuff today...well, exciting for us, anyway.
Mallory got a new hat. The picture is super cute, but trust me when I say it's even cuter in person! She's my little reggae girl.

She also made a couple of new friends - one of the winged variety....

Yep, that's a moth, not just a very realistic hair clippy. It stayed on her head for several minutes before flying off. Here's a little better picture.

And one of the two-legged kind....Mallory had her first date. Okay, okay, I know that this isn't usually done until kids are 16 (30??) or so, but it was chaperoned and they were under strict supervision at all times. (And diaper changes were done privately. teehee)

My friend Katie was babysitting little Alex, so we met for supper at Perkins and then went to Alex's house to play.
Alex brought his new truck along for supper. He and Mallory did very well, sharing not only toys and books, but food. Alex sure liked the grapes!

After supper, we went to his house to play. Unfortunately, he had had a long day with his grandparents and was pretty tired and clingy. Not so much into playing. But I did manage to snap a few pictures of them for blackmail later!

Oh, and Alex has a really pretty kitty, Emma, who is Satan incarnate. I first met Emma while I was in vet school - Alex's mom brought her to the clinic I worked in when I was a student. She was a very sweet kitten then. I don't know what call her crabby would be a HUGE understatement. So, even though Mallory really wanted to play with her, she was off-limits for the night.

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SarahRachel said...

Seems like a pretty successful date! Think he'll call her? =)